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Is your household prepared?
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Is your household prepared?

Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.

September is National Preparedness Month. National Preparedness Month is a time to prepare yourself and those in your care for emergencies and disasters. A disaster isn’t always a large incident, it can be personal event as well. Home fire, a gas leak, pipe bursting, vehicle breaking down, medical emergency, lost child, and loss of power for long periods of time, just to name a few.

These things happen on a regular basis, they may not be a community disaster, but they can easily turn into a personal disaster. Is your household prepared? Answering these questions may help you get started:

• Does everyone know where the emergency shut off values are located in your home or business?
• Do you have a working fire extinguisher handy and does everyone know how to operate it?
• Does everyone have access to a phone, does it have a password?
• Does your child know what do if an adult is not able to help?
• Have you established a meeting location if you are separated or if your home isn’t safe to return to?
• Do you have extra must-have medications on hand?
• Do you have pets or large animals that you will need supplies and transportation for?
• Do you have back up power, extra heat source, extra water and non-perishable food for the household?
• If traveling or exploring, do you have a backup plan if your cell phone fails?
• Do you have a basic tool kit or survival supplies in your vehicle or hiking bag? Did you checked the weather before you leave?
• Do you know your child’s school emergency plans? Where they will go, how you will communicate with them?
• Do you have family in a nursing home? Do you know their emergency plan?
• Do know someone that needs assistance to evacuate? Do they have a plan?
**Have you and your loved ones registered with the (Code Red) Emergency Notification System through the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office? If not this is the link.

Throughout the month of September Emergency Management will be posting preparedness information on and on Facebook: to help you get started.
Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today. Log into and join the nation for National Preparedness Month.

It’s Too Late, When Told To Evacuate!


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